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Securite Interieure

Governments around the world are faced with the growing challenge of threats from both internal unrest and outside intrusions; homeland security has never been a larger concern. With the new face of terrorism it has become increasingly difficult to isolate and appropriately respond to threats, without burdening the average citizen, before they cause catastrophic damage. These new threats require new technologies. Homeland security can no longer rely solely on traditional technologies such as thermal and intensified images but must augment and replace their existing equipment with technologies that are able to provide true identification of targets day or night. This requires the utilization of video analytics and applied automated intelligence to help operators identify and respond to suspicious activity before it poses a threat in real time.

Homeland security and battle fields are the environments with the highest stakes; countless lives of military personnel, law enforcement and civilians are on the line. Having situational awareness and gaining a tactical advantage is absolutely critical. Instruments and surveillance equipment must provide real-time long range threat detection as well as the ability to identify and neutralize threats.

Falitec International and our partners are committed to providing state-of-the-art integrated surveillance solutions including ultra-long range night vision, premier security, situational assessment and a host of technologies and turnkey solutions designed for 24/7 operation in the most brutal of environments. Infiniti and its technological partners custom build to suit any application including but not limited to:

  • Perimeter Security

  • Embassy Protection Forces

  • Mobile/Fixed Command Centers

  • Ruggedized Surveillance

  • Tactical Command and Control

  • Day/Night Situational Awareness

  • Enterprise Video Management

  • GPS Enabled Video Analytics

  • Threat Detection Technologies

  • Radar, Microwave and Electromagnetic

  • Ranger Finders and Target Acquisition

  • UAV Equipped with Multi-Sensor

  • Sniper Detection

  • SWIR & EMCCD Imaging

  • ZLID Laser IR Illumination